Low-Carb Denver 2020

Low-Carb Denver 2020

March 12, 2020

Sheraton, Denver

Please join us for Low Carb Denver 2020. The General Public, Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Professionals are all invited. This now our fifth year. We have added new speakers along with some of the regulars, bringing you fresh and interesting topics, poster presentations, Q&A sessions and Five Minutes of Fame. 20.50 hrs of CME

A variety of speakers including Gary Taubes, Ben Bikman, PhD, Nina Teicholz, Mike Eades, MD, Georgia Ede, MD, Peter Brukner, MD, Sean McKelvey, BSc, Chris Webster, Chris Knobbe, MD, Sarah Huen, MD, Jeffry Gerber, MD (organizer), Rod Tayler, MD (organizer).

Healthcare Professionals: 20.50 hrs of CME including talks and poster presentations