Dr Jaclyn Montefiore

Sante Medical

General Medical Practitioner (GP)

Specialties: Insulin Resistance, Weight loss

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07 3554 0312

Sante Medical
161 Given Terrace
QLD 4064 


FRACGP, MBBS, BHSc (Nutrition and Dietetics)


I offer a low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) approach to my patients who are struggling with their weight, or any condition likely to be related to insulin resistance.

It makes complete sense from a physiological and evolutionary stand-point.

I was a Dietitian prior to my life in medicine and ‘discovering’ the LCHF/keto approach as a genuine option for a number of health issues has been a revelation for me.

I feel strongly about safely offering this eating philosophy to patients who are interested in LCHF to improve their health.