Krisna Hanks MS, MBA

Square 1 Wellness

Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach

Specialties: Diabetes Type two, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic syndrome, Pre-Diabetes, Weight loss

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[email protected]


2511 N Euclid
Tucson, AZ 85719


Dr. Sears Wellness Institute-Health Coach Certification-Adults and Seniors
Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner™ Certification
Nutrition Network LCHF/Keto Professional Nutrition Advisor Certification
Nutrition Network Obesity: Risk and Reversal Certification
Nutrition Network Diabetes Risk and Reversal Certification
National Diabetes Prevention Program-Lifestyle Coach Trainer Certification
Senior Fitness Association-Senior Fitness Instructor Certification
WELCOA, Workplace Wellness University Certification
Romana’s Pilates-Comprehensive Certification
Power Pilates-Mat & Apparatus Certification
Iyengar Yoga-Teacher Trainer Certification


Krisna Hanks is co-owner of Square 1 Wellness providing Low-Carbohydrate/Ketogenic (LCHF/Keto) nutrition coaching to individuals, groups, and organizations. She is the author of Finding Lifestyle Sanity: A Survival Guide and a certified Health Coach with decades of experience.

Ms. Hanks holds a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University and completed her MBA in the Executive Program at the University of San Francisco. Most recently she earned the title Coach Practitioner ™ from the Noakes Foundation, a select group of individuals chosen to train in the LCHF/Keto lifestyle. Her extensive health, fitness, and wellness certifications are listed below.