Dr. Matthew Hitchcock MD

Hitchcock Family Medicine

General Medical Practitioner (GP)

Specialties: Diabetes Type two, Gynecology, PCOS, Post-bariatric surgery, Post-natal care, Pre-Diabetes, Pre-natal care

Contact Details


[email protected]


3875 Hixson Pike
Chattanooga, TN 37415


Board Certified in Family Medicine


Dr. Hitchcock attended the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. He is board certified in Family Medicine. His patients pay a flat monthly membership fee, $75 for adults and $25 for kids (with an adult). There are no copays or per visit fees. You can see your physician as much as you need. We book an entire hour for every visit. There is hardly ever a wait, and you get an entire hour with your physician. Anything we can do in the office, such as stitches, EKGs, strep test, urine tests, flu tests, and even casts are all included at no additional charge. You get your physician’s cell phone number for urgent after hours issues. We have wholesale cash prices for outside lab tests, x-rays, and even medications. Most of our prices are 90% off the insurance price!