Dr. Parisa Khorsandi MD

Santa Monica Pediatrics& Adult Medicine


Specialties: Diabetes Type one, Diabetes Type two, Paediatrics, Pre-Diabetes, Weight loss

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2222 Santa Monica Blvd


Licensed to practice in California, USA
Certified by American Board of Pediatrics
More than 20 years of experience in medicine.


Parisa A. Khorsandi, MD

Pediatrician – Certified by American Board of Pediatrics
I have been a Pediatrician for more than two decades. I completed my internship and residency in Pediatrics at the prestigious program at LIJ-Northshore Children’s Hospital, where I had the opportunity to train under some of the most well-known leaders in different Pediatrics specialties.

Prior to running my successful private practice, I served as Chief of Pediatrics and managed the Pediatrics department and Pediatrics urgent care of a large IPA in Los Angles. I gained valuable expertise in managing pediatrics and adolescence obesity. I am one of the unique pediatricians that work closely with an Internal Medicine physician in the same office.

I got frustrated and angry at the current health system and the advice given by the primary care doctors on “treating” diabetes and obesity with medications without having enough time to discuss the lifestyle changes first.

Most doctors are there to just follow guidelines and treat a number.
I enjoy the close relationships I have with all of my clients and I am honored to be such an integral part of their lives and an extension to their families.

I  know each patient personally and work hard to create an atmosphere of calm and caring for each patient. In my office, we discuss compassion, obesity and lifestyle changes first and will not push for medications and surgeries.