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Specialties: Acupuncture, Allergies, Anxiety, Autoimmune diseases, Bipolar Disorder, Diabetes Type two, Gut health, IBS, Metabolic syndrome, Pre-Diabetes

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Licensed Acupuncturist. Master in Acupuncture and Certificate in Chinese Herbal Studies from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture and is national board certified by the NCCAOM. Post-graduation studied the Shen-Hammer Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis and more recently studying and incorporating Saam Acupuncture based on the dynamic movement of the five phases and the six conformations.


Dietary Therapy is the single most important aspect of all healing systems.

A discussion of what foods to eat and which foods to avoid can greatly accelerate vitality. There is no one diet that fits all.

My love for Oriental Medicine grew from the early macrobiotic teachings of Micho & Avaline Kushi who operated the first macrobiotic restaurant at the San Diego East-West Center, where I taught classes for macrobiotic theory, nutrition, and seasonal cooking preparation. It was through a direct and personal experience I discovered the ultimate value of a low-carb diet.

How food transforms with digestion and then assimilated in the body as nourishment, is unique to each individual’s constitution, medical history, and goals and is integral to a complete treatment plan.

Simply put, diet can have a profound effect on well-being, sometimes it’s what you eliminate, not what you add, that makes all the difference.