Dawn Noe RDN

Registered dietician, Registered nutritionist Health Coach

Specialties: Diabetes Type one, Diabetes Type two, Gestational Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic syndrome, PCOS, Pre-Diabetes, Weight loss

Contact Details

[email protected]


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
Experience working in diabetes care at a Joslin Diabetes Center and Cleveland Clinic Diabetes Center


I specialize in low-carbohydrate nutrition and coaching, diabetes, wellness and weight management.

My approach to food and nutrition is that food is both fuel AND delicious!

I love that we can nourish our body and enjoy meals in celebrations at the same time.

Some of my favorite foods include mushrooms (try the Julia Child method if you never have!), Brussels sprouts, beets, meatballs, pizza – yes, I eat pizza – and anything with pumpkin and sage.

I love finding ways to make the most nutritious version of a favorite comfort food so that choosing the “healthy option” becomes an easy, tasty choice!