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Specialties: Epilepsy, Paediatrics

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I am a board-certified pediatrician in private practice for over 2 decades. In July of 2016, in an attempt to help my adult daughter control her worsening epilepsy, I went into mom/research mode and happened upon the Ketogenic diet. I had encountered this dietary approach during my pediatric residency where it was sometimes used for children with severe neurologic disease, but it was thought to be difficult.  New data suggested that less intense Ketogenic diets could help with seizure control. I researched this approach to food and, before recommending it to my daughter, I tried it myself to determine if it was feasible.

I was astounded by the improvement in energy and mental clarity with an unexpected bonus of weight normalization.  With the proper tools and knowledge, it is easy and delicious and satisfying. I have been eating this way since and will continue forever. So have my daughter and husband with great results.  I have witnessed impressive success with this nutritional lifestyle approach in patients, friends and extended family.

I could not have reached this point without the trailblazers who have trekked this path before me, going against the “grain” (and “sugar” and “seed oils”) and for whom I am eternally grateful. 

As a pediatrician, the “No Sugars/Grains, High Healthy Fat, Moderate Protein” lifestyle ranks along with vaccination and breast feeding as the most important tools in my toolbox to promote health.