Dr Denise Shostek DC ND

My Natural Health Center

chiropractor Naturopath

Specialties: Autoimmune diseases, Gut health, Pre-Diabetes, Thyroid dysfunction, Weight loss

Contact Details

[email protected]


1251 N Plum Grove Rd., Suite 100, Schaumburg

2100 Manchester Rd., Suite 945, Building B, Wheaton, Il. 60173


Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine
Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine
Enrolled in Functional Medicine University


My Natural Health Center focuses on delivering the highest quality patient care in a stress-free and friendly environment. We understand that no two people or injuries are the same, which is why we create a tailor-made recovery and rehabilitation plan for each patient. We specialize in functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and metabolic medicine. We also offer pastoral coaching.

Since opening in 2013, we have grown into a trusted and popular medical care facility that has developed a reputation in Wheaton and Schaumburg, IL.