Michael Smith N.D

Planet Naturopath

Naturopath, Nutritionist

Specialties: ADHD, Alzheimers, Autoimmune diseases, Diabetes Type two, Fibromyalgia, Gut health, Thyroid dysfunction

Contact Details

[email protected]

Australia: 0730672186 United States: 2068860633

2/117 Toolooa St
Gladstone, Australia

Also work with clients from around the world via video


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopath)
Diploma of Nutrition
Wahls Certified Practitioner - M.S and Autoimmune conditions
Kalish Method practitioner
Kresser Institute of Functional Medicine


I specialize in Digestion and Hormonal dysfunction which is often the cause of many people’s health complaints, and they may not even realize it. If you optimize these systems it can lead to improved weight, increased energy, improved hair, skin and nails, better moods and many other symptoms disappearing.