Dr John Stewart BVSc Hons MRCVS

The Nutrition Science Group


Specialties: Alzheimers, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes Type two, Insulin Resistance, Post-bariatric surgery, Pre-Diabetes, Weight loss

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309 Army rd, Pakenham, Vic, Australia,3810




35 years as a Veterinary Surgeon with a particular interest in nutrition and exercise science, I reversed  my pre-diabetes in 2012 and became fascinated with the science behind low carb eating

I am part of the We provide services to individuals ( and employers of people) who want to lose weight, reverse pre-diabetes, reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and dementia through Low Carb High Healthy fat eating. We do face to face, phone and online video coaching sessions.
The ABC Catalyst TV program “Low carb diet: Fact or Fiction” is a good program for our clients to watch to give them an introduction to low carb eating . They can then decide if they want to spend time (and money) on developing their understanding of low carb eating further. The nutrition science group is a group of scientists ( nutritionists, doctors, personal trainers, exercise scientists, naturopaths, occupational therapists)  I normally suggest that we meet our clients to see if there is a cost-effective win-win strategy that we can develop. I am old enough to still like the phone! ( +61425310625)
As a different offering, we have developed a training program designed to transform a persons health  that we will deliver as a 7-day event in Bali in October 2020 with a multidisciplinary team, which will include Kiwi low carb GP Dr Glen Davies from Taupo, New Zealand
Cheers Dr John Stewart BVSc Hons MRCVS 0425 310625