Noor Struik

The Nourishing State



I’m Noor Struik, founder of the Nourishing State and an experienced dietitian & nutritional epidemiologist from the Netherlands. I specifically focus on Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat (LCHF) diets, diabetes management, FODMAP and irritable bowel syndrome & inflammatory bowel disease.⁠

I believe the psychology around nutrition and self-care should play a central role while improving diet & lifestyle, and I therefore focus on eating behaviour in order for you to regain confidence in your nutritional choices and to experience a long-term healthy relationship with food. ⁠

Through individual counseling, in Sydney and online across the globe, I am dedicated to helping you make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes in order to achieve your health goals.⁠

✔️ Online Diet Consultations⁠
✔️ Weight Loss Program⁠
✔️ Personal Nutrition Assessment⁠
✔️ Walk and Talk Coaching Sessions⁠