Dr. Nolawiheir Hailu Tickheir MD, PgDip.

Ethiopian Police Hospital

General Medical Practitioner (GP), Obesity Medicine Health Coach

Specialties: Insulin Resistance, Weight loss

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[email protected]


Ras Mekonen Avenue


Liscensed Medical Doctor, Post grad. Dip. in Public Health,
Certified in Ketogenic Nutritional treatment.


I am a medical doctor based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am a member of a global network of healthcare professionals who use the LCHF diet to treat patients struggling with obesity, poor metabolic health, diabetes, and hypertension.

By using my knowledge and experience with the LCHF intervention, I have been able to provide my patients with a personalized treatment plan that has enabled them to lose excess weight and live free of medication, allowing them to reclaim their vitality and enhance their quality of life.

For the past few years, I have followed the LCHF diet myself and have seen incredible results — including reversing my own pre-diabetic state. I was also successful in winning my life-long battle with obesity, which I had struggled with since childhood.