Valerie Grosso RDN, METS

Innovative Nutrition Group

Nurse - Registered, Registered dietician

Specialties: Diabetes Type one, Diabetes Type two, Weight loss

Contact Details

[email protected]


Serving United States and Canada


Registered Dietitian
Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist
Low Carb USA Preferred Provider
Professionally/Clinically Trained in Ketogenic Nutrition Therapies
Arizona Health Care Association Leadership Professional of the Year


Valerie is the most unique dietitian you will ever encounter.  As founder of Innovative Nutrition Group, she has spent years coaching clients to tap into their courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of health challenges.  She does everything in her power to make sure clients achieve exceptional health by thinking differently, challenging the status quo of nutrition, and adopting proven, sustainable lifestyle habits.  Her newest program, The Diabetes Reversal Formula is modeled after PROVEN science and REAL results.