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  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diabetes Management
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Fasting
  • Insulin - Insulin resistance, Hyperinsulinemia
  • Lipidology
  • Metabolic Health
  • Nutrition & Weight loss



Diet and cancer: What we know and what we don’t

Identifying the links between diet and cancer has been one of the most difficult tasks of modern science.  

Cardiovascular disease


Coronary Artery Calcium and Multisite Atherosclerosis: Role in Risk Refinement

Another recent analysis from MESA showed that the addition of CAC score to global risk assessment was associated with significantly improved risk classification in those with MetS and diabetes

Diabetes Management


Low-Carb For diabetes.

Many with Diabetes are confused by the conflicting dietary advice they receive. And no wonder. The dietary advice given to those with diabetes has been extremely poor. For decades, people with diabetes have been told center their diet around carbohydrates ...

Dietary Guidelines


EAT-Lancet's Plant-Based Planet: 10 Things You Need to Know

Should every day be Meatless Monday? Prescribing plant-based diets to the planet without including straightforward warnings of these risks and offering clear guidance as to how to minimize them is scientifically irresponsible and medically unethical, and therefore should not form the basis of public health recommendations.


The EAT Lancet diet is nutritionally deficient

There are numerous issues with this plant-biased advice. Not least – what will all these plants be grown in when there is no top soil left because we have replaced soil-rejuvenating ruminants with soil-raping plants?  The focus of this post was to highlight that the EAT diet is nutritionally deficient.


Chewing the saturated fat: how many more negative studies do we need?

The authors critically review the lack of evidence saturated fat having any useful target in public health nutrition. This is an important debate because you will likely eat more saturated fat on a LCHF diet, but is that justified?


Why Humans Don’t Need Dietary Carbohydrates to Thrive

In the peer-reviewed medical literature over the last 5 decades, the arguments against the safety and sustainability of nutritional ketosis have been proven false over and over again, most recently with the 2-year results of our Indiana University Health study ...


The Importance of Managing Potassium and Sodium as Part of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet

One of the biggest challenges we encounter in managing people following a ketogenic diet is to get them to pay adequate attention to their sodium and potassium intakes...



Fasting as a potent antidote to obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and the many symptoms of metabolic illness

"We think of all these responses, obesity, insulin resistance, and the beta cell failure, as pathologic. They're actually protective.  . .Your body is actually trying to protect itself against the root cause of the problem which is too much insulin, too much glucose." — Jason Fung


Targeting Glucose Metabolism to Enhance Immunotherapy: Emerging Evidence on Intermittent Fasting and Calorie Restriction Mimetics

One combinatorial approach that has garnered much attention in recent years is the use of glucose-limiting lifestyle changes or anti-diabetic drugs that can be co-administered with immunotherapy.

Insulin - Insulin Resistance, Hyperinsulinemia


What Is Insulin Resistance And Hyperinsulinemia?

Listen to Libby Jenkinson interview Dr Catherine Crofts to explain these terms and why they are so important to understand to avoid future metabolic diseases.


What is insulin resistance? What is the perfect diet?

Why are the guidelines still recommending for diabetics to consumes carbohydrates when they are intolerant to them? The message for so long has been “eat whatever you want, then medicate for it”.  



The simple guide to cholesterol

A very broad overview of LDL particles and their important cargo along with common misconceptions about this subject within a low carb, high fat diet.


The importance of the fasting TG/HDL ratio

Should testing be done fasted? What is the importance of ratios? TG in the fasted state indicate insulin resistance, which also affects the HDL count. The natural range of TG is context dependent and the value of a single result is disputed..


The straight dope on cholesterol – Part IX

What should you eat to have the greatest chance of delaying the arrival of cardiovascular disease?

Previously, across 8 parts of this series we’ve laid the groundwork to ask perhaps the most important question of all.

Metabolic Health


The Advantages Of A Low-Carbohydrate Diet

For your patients to ditch the carbs for good, they need to understand the advantages of a low-carb diet, how to start, what to eat and how to avoid the common mistakes.



Studies show efficacy of keto for Parkinsons

The drugs currently available to treat Parkinson’s disease lose their effectiveness over time and can cause undesirable side effects. Ketone bodies may bypass the pathway in the brain that is disrupted and support other vital energy pathways.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

What's the food index?

The food insulin index ranges from 0 – 100 representing how much insulin your body releases after 2 hours of having eaten a particular food, obtained against a standard reference ‘food’ (glucose) with a score of 100.

What is a skinny fat person & how to overcome it?

The acronym TOFI is also used, although less commonly, and it stands for Thin-Outside Fat-Inside. Because of their poor body composition they will encounter many of the same health problems as an obese person may.

Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women?

The goal of eating a healthy ketogenic diet during pregnancy is not — and should not be — to lose weight.  So eat a variety of foods to supply adequate nutrients for both you and your child for each trimester during pregnancy.


Ditch The Carbs



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