Low-Carb Kids


We all want our family to eat healthy right? But how do you get your children off ultra-processed junk food? How do you raise low-carb kids?

I am a mother of 3 young children and we all live low-carb as a family. My kids are low-carb not no carb.

They get their carbs from nutrient dense sources such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, and dairy.

Once you understand all the health benefits of nutrient-dense low-carb meals, you won't want your children to eat the high carb diet that the current food pyramid suggests.

There are many myths out there regarding low-carb kids, and they are generally discussed by those who are not low-carb, have pre-formulated ideas about what we eat, and have never discussed low-carb kids with any low-carb families.

Low-carb kids myths

Low-Carb Kids - the myths

Just like adults, all children will reap the rewards from eating real, unprocessed food and cutting down on sugar, junk food and processed carbs in general.

However, just mentioning low-carb kids can send some people into a panic.

Surely it means they’ll be missing out on something essential? Here, I discuss the top ten myths, and uncover the truth behind low-carb kids.

Low-carb kids lunch boxes

Low-Carb Kids - the lunch box debate

The emphasis for my children's lunch boxes is feeding them nutrient dense, lower carb foods.

You can see they do enjoy carbs, but no where near what most people think they should be eating.

There is no high carb bulky fillers such as rice, pasta, bread, or crackers.

They are based on quality protein, non-starchy vegetables, dairy, low-sugar fruit and nuts and seeds.

Low-carb kids top 10 tricks

Low-Carb Kids - how to help the picky eaters

It may feel impossible to get your child off their daily diet of crackers, juice, bread, crisps and fries. But if you follow these top tips to help your child eat real food, it will make the journey a little easier.

And if you think it may be impossible, I challenge you to understand, the worse diet they have, the more imperative it is to do this.

I can help you. I even have a closed group where we discuss lunch box tips and tricks. I even post photos of my own lunch boxes I pack for my children every day. So click here and join me. I'll see you there.

Low-carb kids breakfast sugar

 Low-Carb Kids - does your house look like this?

Does your house look like this in the morning? Unknowingly, many parents are overdosing their children each morning with sugar.

This is a shocking video that every parent needs to watch.


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