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PreKure are offering university-level courses, at a fraction of the cost, with the flexibility of online learning accompanied by live interactive coaching labs.

PreKure inspires the medical profession to become more focused on disease prevention. PreKure’s vision is to make prescribing lifestyle medicine as easy as prescribing pills. Up-to-date university-level education, backed by science. 

They do this in three ways:

  1. CERTIFICATES - Develop, train and accredit Health Coaches
  2. ADVANCED COURSES - Provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) to Health Professionals in all areas that make up Lifestyle Medicine
  3. SHORT COURSES - If you're looking to up-skill in a particular area or just want to dip your toes into online learning, our short courses are a great place to start.
  4. FREE behaviour change programs to the people who need it most
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Become a PreKure Certified Health Coach with courses by the world’s leading scientists, researchers and doctors. PreKure is a team of internationally recognised health professionals highly-educated in the science and practices of lifestyle medicine.

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