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Each video is broadly categorised into the following:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diabetes Management - T1D, T2D
  • Dietary Guidelines, Politics and History
  • Fasting & Time Restricted Feeding
  • Insulin - Insulin resistance, Hyperinsulinemia
  • Lipidology
  • Low-Carb Lessons
  • Metabolic Health
  • Nutrition & Weight loss


Consequences of Ketogenic Diets in Cancer

Dr. Eugene Fine

Dietary Recommendations for Cancer/Warburg Metabolism

Dr. Colin Champ

Tumor Metabolism and the Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Adrienne Scheck

Cardiovascular Disease

Coronary Calcification - and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease

Ivor Cummins

Stents & Statins - Do they work? A top cardiologist's view

Dr Aseem Malhotra

An Assessment of Cardiovascular Risks of a Low Carbohydrate, High Fat Diet

Dr. David Diamond

Is a Ketogenic (Low Carb) Diet Heart Healthy?

Dr Bret Scher MD

Primary Causes of Heart Disease - Framingham and the Muddy Waters

Dr. Jeffry Gerber

Why LDL cholesterol goes up with low carb diet and is it bad for health?

Dr. Nadir Ali

Diabetes Management

I Manage My Type 1 Diabetes By Eating LCHF

Troy Stapleton

The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

Dr. Jason Fung

What if we're wrong about diabetes?

Peter Attia

Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines

Dr Sarah Hallberg

Low Carb Nutrition for T1DM

Dr. Olivia Rimington

My Healthy Type 1 Son

Lisa Scherger

Dietary Guidelines, Politics & History

Big Fat Nutrition Policies

Nina Teicholz

Statin Wars: Have we been misled by the evidence?

Dr Mayanne Demasi

Ruminant Reality: Diet, Human Health and the Environment

Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

Low Carb and Public Health

Professor Grant Schofield

Marketing food to children

Anna Lappe 

Should dietary fat guidelines have been introduced?

Dr. Zoë Harcombe

What's a Food Industry to Do?

Dr Yoni Freedhoff

Appropriate Dietary Guidelines for Improving Population Health

Panel Discussion

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Robert H. Lustig

Fasting & Time Restricted Feeding

Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique

Cynthia Thurlow

Why When You Eat Matters

Professor Satchin Panda

Fasting Strategies for Metabolic Health

Dr. Jason Fung

Insulin - Insulin Resistance & Hyperinsulinemia

KRAFT - Father of the Insulin Assay

Dr. Joseph R. Kraft

Dr Catherine Crofts

Hyperinsulinemia and Kraft

Dr. Catherine Crofts


Basics of Cholesterol Part I - Standard Test

Dave Feldman

Diet Doctor Podcast #8

Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor Podcast #9

Dr. Ron Krauss

The Dynamic Influence of a High Fat Diet on Cholesterol Variability

Dave Feldman

A Deep Dive into Cholesterol and Risk

Dave Feldman

The Straight Dope on Cholesterol

Dr Peter Attia

The Cholesterol Myth: Heart of the Matter 

The Indegraph Times

True Causes of Heart Disease are Not What You Think!

Dr Malcolm Kendrick

Blood tests on a ketogenic diet - what your cholesterol results mean

Dr. Paul Mason

Low-Carb Lessons

What is Insulin Resistance and Hyperinsulinemia?

Libby Jenkinson & Dr Catherine Crofts

Busting The 5 Top Nutrition Headlines

Libby Jenkinson & Prof Grant Schofield

How to calculate macros - using the insulin index and keto score

Libby Jenkinson & Raphi Sirtoli

The 7 Steps For Behavioural Change

Libby Jenkinson & Dr Louise Schofield

How To Be Fab Fit And Fifty Plus

Libby Jenkinson & Jennifer Gale

What Is Cholesterol? Is it all bad?

Raphi Sirtoli

Metabolic Health

Insulin vs. Ketones - The Battle for Brown Fat

Dr Benjamin Bikman

he Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health

The Charlie Foundation

Insulin vs. Glucagon: The relevance of dietary protein

Dr Benjamin Bikman

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss and T2 reversal - How sustainable is it?

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

Why We Get Fat: The Diet/Weight Relationship, An Alternative Hypothesis

Gary Taubes

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? Does it work?

ABC Science


Ditch The Carbs



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