Karen Soane BSc

Kas Health Coach

Low Carb Practitioner, Low Carb, Ditch the Carbs, Libby Jenkinson

Health Coach, Personal Trainer

Specialties: ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Autoimmune diseases, Diabetes Type two, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivities, Gestational Diabetes, Gut health, Insulin Resistance, Lipedema, Mast Cell Disease, Menopause, NAFLD, PCOS, Paediatrics, Pre-Diabetes, Thyroid dysfunction, Weight loss

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Virtual Face to face appointments.
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Montgomery Texas USA


Certificate in Health & Wellness, PreKure 3 June 2020
Bachelor of Social Science Youth Work, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2003
Certificate in Health and Wellness, Certificate in Nutrition Science, and Coaching 2020
Certificate in Nutrition and Mental Health, EdX, 2021


Karen Soane, Health and Wellness Coach

I am Australian currently located in Tomball Texas USA, resident of the USA in 2020 until otherwise noted.

Currently completing the PreKure Health Coach Certificate Program.

Graduate PreKure Certificate in Health and Wellness 2020

Facilitator of PreKureMe community group in Tomball and online

Specialize in working with teenagers and younger adults.  Pre-Diabetes and prevention of chronic illness.

Have a Bachelor of Social Science (Youth Work) degree completed at RMIT Melbourne in 2003.  Experience in working in alternative learning environments such as community centers.

Parent to two teenage sons. Wife. And life long learner.  Look forward to working with clients in a tutoring role as a youth worker and in personal support work teaching the practical aspects of low carb living.

Supporting teenagers with Lipedema #Lipedema, #Pre-diabetes #Acanthosis Nigericans and #Overweight pre-diabetes

~~~ Specialty: working with teenagers and younger adults.

Areas of special interest:

~ Attention Disorders,

~ Pre-Diabetes and

~ prevention of chronic illness including Lipedema.

Available for online appointments

I work with clients in Australia and USA

member of HCANZA